Crabby Bill’s and Sixty South Salmon

Here at the Original Crabby Bill’s in Indian Rocks Beach, we strive to provide our guests with fresh, delicious, and high-quality seafood. One of our favorite seafood dishes is our Florida Style BBQ Salmon, featuring Sixty South Salmon. Sixty South is never treated with antibiotics, has no added hormones, and no antifouling chemicals. Not only is this salmon healthy and delicious, but Sixty South is environmentally conscious and sustainably farmed. They have achieved a “Good Alternative” rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, which is the foremost consumer advocate on seafood sustainability and only a handful of elite seafood producers worldwide have this recognition.

photo credit: Scott Keeler from the Tampa Bay Times

For us, Sixty South Salmon fits into our commitment to serve domestic sustainable food: Rhode Island calamari, Alaskan crab, Florida-farmed beef even for burgers, local mullet cut and smoked on premises, Gulf grouper, and so much more. As our Owner/Operator Matt Loder said in a recent article with the Tampa Bay Times, “Sixty South may cost more, but it fills our commitment and it really does taste better.”. At Crabby Bill’s, our goal is to provide our guests with delicious and fresh seafood. That means we don’t cut corners when it comes to sourcing the best ingredients we can find. Three generations of running seafood restaurants have taught us that it isn’t just about serving delicious food, it’s about choosing suppliers who care about the environment and quality of the product as much as we do.

If you’ve been paying attention to the seafood industry, you know that salmon has long been touted as a health food we should add more of into our diet. However, not all salmon is created equal. The vast majority of it comes from giant fish farms that face major issues (learn more here).

And so, we were motivated to find a company that not only provided our guests with a higher quality salmon, but one that was better for the environment. Sixty South is the first and only producer of sustainable salmon raised in the rare isolated location of Chile’s most southern waters. The pristine cold waters and remote location ensure a higher standard of sustainable and healthy aquaculture practices. Sixty South is ASC Certified, which means their superior farming practices have led them to be recognized by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council. Freezing temperatures, 12-hour journeys to and from their farms, and dangerous weather conditions all exemplify the care that Sixty South puts into providing a premium product, and we are proud to be the first restaurant to sell their salmon.

If you are a salmon fan and have yet to try it here at the Original Crabby Bill’s, be sure to ask for it next time you come in or call us at (727) 595-4825 and place your order to-go!